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London is one of the greatest cities on Earth. Growing, dynamic, diverse: it’s an amazing place to study and discover who you are. But it can also be overwhelming. In a city of so many people and so many ideas, many feel isolated and confused. In the ocean of postmodern life, we all need an anchor. We all need a place, a community, and a story that enable us to feel confident and grounded, ready to face whatever life throws at us.


Two thousand years ago, one of the first Christians described Jesus Christ as an anchor for the soul, a hope that was steadfast and sure. Jesus was a source of hope because he was the presence among us of both the world’s origin and its destiny.


Since then, millions of people have found Jesus to be the anchor in their own lives. They have joined a family of all nationalities and races to become more fully alive as they explore the hope he brings, in community, through study and worship and in acts of service.


The Anchorage is one little branch of that family, a church for students in the heart of London. It’s a contemporary church for young people, set up by the historic, established Church of England. Come and join us to learn more about living life that is transformed by a hope that is steadfast and sure. 


Our Values

Building Community

God created each of us as individuals but calls us to share our lives in community with others. We gather students from all different backgrounds to share food and friendship.

Faithful Enquiry

Faith is about what really matters in life, so we want to engage with it as critically as we do with our studies. We explore the richness of the Christian faith through scripture and Church tradition, and we explore together what this means in today’s world.

Signs of Grace

We encounter Jesus Christ in worship. So we seek to receive God's grace in music and liturgy that is both contemporary and ancient. We want all our members to grow through prayer.

Acts of Service

Faith isn't just ideas in your head; it leads to service in the world. We encourage all our members to engage in practical expressions of faith, furthering God's Kingdom of justice and peace.


Our Team

Jim Walters

Jim is the Chaplain to the LSE, where he has worked for six years. He lives by Samuel Johnson's words, "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."  

Chino Ogali

Chino is a teacher in a secondary school in North Kensington.  

James Batty

James is The Anchorage musician and worship leader. He is a pianist and microtonal composer, and outside of music enjoys learning languages (currently Japanese). 


Join Us

5pm every Sunday from the 26th September 

We are excited to announce The Anchorage will be returning to in person services this Autumn Term, beginning Sunday 26th September! This term our theme is 'An Anchor For the Soul'.


We will be holding our services from 5-7pm in the LSE Faith Centre in the Saw Swee Hock Building, London School of Economics, London, WC2A 2AE. 

Our services will feature music, a sermon and prayer, as well as an opportunity to discuss the sermon together, followed by pizza!

Please note you must have a government record of a negative lateral flow test within the last four days to be allowed inside the Saw Swee Hock building! We will have some on hand but it's easier to get these ahead of time from the government website here.


Message us from our Facebook page, join our email list or email us at info@theanchoragelondon.org for more information.

The Saw Swee Hock Building

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Contact Us

The Anchorage

c/o University of London Chaplaincy

30b Torrington Square

London WC1E 7JL

Email: info@theanchoragelondon.org

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